Advanced air conditioner controller 24V - 48V


The Programmable advanced controller in combination with the DCAirco premium controller will bring data, parameters, readings and full control l on display and with remote control through internet.


The advanced controller is the ultimate combination with the premium controller.
This panel is programmable for customer requirements. From simple to complex applications.

With a LCD graphic display that can give the necessary data, parameters and alarms of all premium controllers connected to it. And it can be used as the master that can control up to 127 products which cares the premium controller. So with one advanced  controller you are fully in control of the complete system. System healthy, error codes, and probe readings can be read from the DCAirco products build with the premium controller.

For railway applications it is a good solution as it has its own battery and keeps the info available even when all power is shut down. For special applications in telecom and underground mining this controller is used as a sequencer. It has 4 air conditioners connected  to it and  alternate the cooling load and running time keeping 1 unit in redundant

The premium controller is standard equipped in all DCAirco products.


Stay connected through internet

Another great feature is the Ethernet connection on it. This makes it possible to get connected with the system even when it is on the other side of the world. Just an Ethernet connection is needed en through a web based page all readings and parameters can be read and changed. This webpage can be reached from PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet as long as it has an internet connection.


This makes changing the settings in field just as simple as when it is in the factory. Development can be carried out in the field through internet. Having this feature  in DCAirco products significantly reduces support and maintenance cost by minimizing call-out charges. Even when the software on the Advance or Premium controller is not sufficient and needs an update it can be done through internet. So an small update or a complete update can be done years after the installation.

Email notifications

Email notification is just another great feature. This will give you an email notification when maintenance is needed. This keeps you informed where ever you are.


    • Display (IP65)
    • Yes
    • Error codes on display
    • Yes
    • Parameters on display
    • Yes
    • Temperature inside shelter on display
    • Yes
    • Pressure probes for real time pressure on display
    • High and Low pressure*
    • Connectivity
    • Modbus, LANModbus, LAN
    • Buzzer for alarm notifications
    • Yes
    • NTC probe on board
    • Yes
    • Email notification
    • Yes
    • Web based monitoring
    • Yes

Downloads -

  • Features of the Premium and advanced controllers V3-2016 .pdf

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    Environmentally friendly Air Conditioning

    • Low carbon footprint
    • Low energy use compared to CO2
    • Low operational cost
    • Factory pressure tested with Hydrogen (leak free)
    • Uses refrigerant gas with the minimal environmental impact

    Why our customers select DC Airco Air Conditioning Units for their professional applications:


    • >50% lower fuel/energy consumption
    • No startup peak-soft starting
    • No need of an expensive inverter to powered it.
    • DC unit keeps on cooling in case of power failure/engine off
    • Quality manufacturing since 1997 with extensive testing procedures
    • Easy mount, fully factory assembled charged and tested 
    • Low maintenance and low whole life cost
    • Stock and custom made units
    • Worldwide deliveries

    AC vs DC Air conditioner

    Quick return investment

    Follow this link for more information


    Low power consumption

    Extremely low power consumption with high cooling output!!

    High ambient design

    Specially build for high ambient!

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