DC Powered cab Cooling - Air Conditioners and chillers

DCAirco is the manufacture of High Efficient DC Powered Heating, Venting & Cooling (HVAC) - Air Conditioning, Chiller, and Free cooling solutions that are robust, reliable, and running directly from the battery of the off-grid equipment or vehicles.


Ideal for use on vibrating vehicles such as:

  • Rolling stock,
  • Rail Vehicles,
  • Locomotives,
  • Metros,
  • Trains,
  • People movers,
  • Shuttles,
  • Buses,
  • Trucks,
  • Mining earthmoving machine's,
  • Heavy mobile equipment,
  • Search and rescue vehicles,
  • And other anti-idling solutions.  

Offered in 12V 24V 48V 74V 110V 230V 400V 750V DC AC 

Ideal for use on stationary equipment such as:

  • Electrical cabinet's,
  • Battery rooms,
  • Hybrid solar-powered off-grid equipment station's,
  • Shelter's 
  • Underground mining refuge chambers and rescue stations. 

Offered in 12V 24V 48V 74V 110V 230V 400V DC AC 

DC Airco's air conditioners and free cooling units will operate trouble-free in hard environments ranging from high humidity and dirty mining applications to extremely hot and dusty deserts with daytime ambient temperatures up to 50+ degrees Celcius 

High output - Low consumption DC Powered Heating, Venting & Cooling, Chiller, - Air Conditioning and Free cooling solutions are the equipment of choice for DC Airco's worldwide based clients. 

Supplied in: 12V 24V 48V 74V 110V 230V 400V 750V




  • thermal management chiller 360V 540V 400V 800V

    Our new enhanced high efficient thermal management systems product line.

    Designed to increase battery range and life due to the less thermal stress on the battery and equipment of fully electric battery / hydrogen-powered E-mobility:

    Construction equipment: Excavators, Dump truck, Load haul trucks, Shovels, Cranes
    Cargo transport: Delivery trucks, Road trucks
    Public transport: Autonomous shuttles, rollingstock, busses

    Available in:  360Vdc (240-420) and 540Vdc (400-790)  Heat-pump (cooling / heating) or chiller only.

    For more information please check our eMobility webpage: https://www.dcairco.com/product/EMobility

  • Battery Show 2023 Stuttgart 23-25 of May

    We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be participating at The Battery Show Europe and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo live event!

    You're Invited! We will be at booth: 10-B40


    Environmentally friendly Air Conditioning

    • Low carbon footprint
    • Low energy use compared to CO2
    • Low operational cost
    • Factory pressure tested with Hydrogen (leak free)
    • Uses refrigerant gas with the minimal environmental impact

    Why our customers select DC Airco Air Conditioning Units for their professional applications:


    • >50% lower fuel/energy consumption
    • No startup peak-soft starting
    • No need of an expensive inverter to powered it.
    • DC unit keeps on cooling in case of power failure/engine off
    • Quality manufacturing since 1997 with extensive testing procedures
    • Easy mount, fully factory assembled charged and tested 
    • Low maintenance and low whole life cost
    • Stock and custom made units
    • Worldwide deliveries

    AC vs DC Air conditioner

    Quick return investment

    Follow this link for more information


    Low power consumption

    Extremely low power consumption with high cooling output!!

    High ambient design

    Specially build for high ambient!

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