DC 13005 24V 48V 74V 110V rooftop air conditioner (50+ celsius)


This DC powered direct current rooftop air conditioner is designed for heavy duty applications operators cabs and electrical cabinets on vehicles powered with 24V 48V 74 110 - 400V such as:

Heavy mobile equipment: earthmoving machinery, hydraulic excavators, hydraulic rope excavators, crawler tractors and loaders, wheel loaders, dumper trucks, electric vehicles.  

Rolling stock: Locomotives, underground metro train, electric vehicles. 


The very efficient DC powered direct current air conditioner combines a very low consumption with a high cooling output and is fully dc powered. The cooling duty of this fully DC powered unit is 2-3 higher than a normal 230 VAC and 6 times higher than a motor driven AC using with the same cooling and there is no power surge during start up (soft start)

Offered in 24V 48V 74 110 - 400V in AC and DC voltage. Other on request


The DC13000 is the base for this model only the DC13005 is designed for extreem apllications with high ambient temperatures up till 50+ Celsius. 

Why DC Airco units make sense for heavy duty applications:

  • Low power consumption 2-3 lower than a normal AC
  • No power surge during start-up
  • In house climate chamber testing
  • Every unit is fully factory tested
  • Easy installation -no on site refrigerant charging needed
  • Long service intervals. Ideal fro rolling stock vehicles
  • 2 year warranty – all parts are long life
  • PLC package with self diagnostics


The DC 13000 equipped with the Premium controller

The Programmable Premium controller provides our customers a solution that is fully integrable in there system, with full control over the DC Air conditioning of many applications. Every product can be customize without unnecessary cost and complexity to operations because the free programmble controller.

Description of the premium controller

The high quality microprocessor controller makes the DCAirco products more efficient in energy consumption. The controller will provide unlimited features to meet our customer requirements, making it easier to reduce development-installation time and in gerneral there is no need for additional equipment. Even when the installation is very remote, doing an modification to future system requirements just by doing an software upgrade or expand with a module are possible. 

User interface

The display is showing the set point and ventilator speed, in one view all you need to know and easily to adjust. Creating the perfect climate for all users.

Diagnostics of the DCAirco product

Other great features of the controller are the standard alarm outputs and readings through Modbus or voltage free contacts. With these functions the costumer will be able to react quicker on possible issue’s or upcoming maintenance. As example: if a ventilator is blocked or damaged from the outside the controller will give an notification through these alarm outputs saving traveling en maintenance time.

Al parts are in one cabinet and the unit is fully operational when you unpack it.
Just connect to the batteries, set the controller to the desired temperature and the system is ready to cool.


Cabinet is made of zinc plated sheet steel 1,5 mm with grey RAL 7035 powder coating. 
All closing material are stainless steel. The unit is easy to be installed outdoor on existing appliances. No ingress in the operator cab.

Testing data
Cooling duty varies on climatic conditions and altitude- consult factory for specific applications. Cooling duty measured with 50 %RH indoor and 85% outdoor. 

DC 13000 Rooftop air conditioner

The DC 13000 Rooftop air conditioner on a military vehicle made by our client STV Sweden. In this short movie you will see the features of our product. Please click link below.

Downloads -

  • Datasheet DC13005 rooftop air conditioner
  • Heavy mobile equipment air conditioners brochure 2016
  • DC 13005 Anti idling air conditioner for Dumptruck.pdf

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    Environmentally friendly Air Conditioning

    • Low carbon footprint
    • Low energy use compared to CO2
    • Low operational cost
    • Factory pressure tested with Hydrogen (leak free)
    • Uses refrigerant gas with the minimal environmental impact

    Why our customers select DC Airco Air Conditioning Units for their professional applications:


    • >50% lower fuel/energy consumption
    • No startup peak-soft starting
    • No need of an expensive inverter to powered it.
    • DC unit keeps on cooling in case of power failure/engine off
    • Quality manufacturing since 1997 with extensive testing procedures
    • Easy mount, fully factory assembled charged and tested 
    • Low maintenance and low whole life cost
    • Stock and custom made units
    • Worldwide deliveries

    AC vs DC Air conditioner

    Quick return investment

    Follow this link for more information


    Low power consumption

    Extremely low power consumption with high cooling output!!

    High ambient design

    Specially build for high ambient!

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