Free cooling unit Type FC 020 24V 48V

Free cooling unit Type FC 020 24V 48V


This wall mount packaged DC powered direct current Free Cooling is designed to “cool”  heavy duty applications like electrical cabinets for, defense  and telecom.

Designed for 24V and 48V DC


The very efficient fan combines a low consumption with a very high air output and is fully dc powered. Al parts are in one cabinet and the unit is fully operational when you unpack it. Just connect to the batteries and the unit will start! Cabinet is made from zinc plated sheet steel 1,5 mm powder coated grey RAL7035.

There are 2 filters inside a large particles filter to take out insects and a oversized dust filter F5. The unit is easy to be installed on existing appliances. No ingress in the shelter.
Make sure the air from the Free Cooling unit is blowing against the most critical item in the shelter.( batteries ). A aluminum self opening grill is part of the supply. The air that the Free Cooling unit is pushing in needs to leave the shelter preferably on the other side as high as possible.

Cooling with Air DC Airco free cooling units were first used in The Netherlands in 2003 to cool small concrete shelters for a fiber network.This shelter is also equipped with a 48 VDC air conditioner type DC 10.000 indoor.With ambient below 15°C the free cooling is working to keep the shelter on 24°C max. When the ambient goes over 15°C the free cooling fans are stopped and the air conditioner starts cooling. Because of the low average ambient in The Netherlands the system works mainly on the free cooling. Only on summer days the air conditioner is working.



Cooling duty varies on climatic conditions and altitude- consult factory for specific applications. Cooling capacity delta  T 10 C means that the indoor temperature will get 10 C warmer than the outdoor temperature!



A microprocessor is watching all functions such as indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, filter cleaning ect.

•  Powerful Air cooling with only a fraction of the consumption a normal air conditioner
•  No power surge during start-up (soft start)
•  Keeps on cooling in case of a mains 115/230 Volt power failure
•  Eliminated need for a back up genset
•  Designed to work on solar and wind power
•  Reduces genset running hours saving fuel, maintenance and   lifespan
•  Energy efficient EC fans * only needed in case a air conditioner is used in combination
•  Standard F5 PPI 100 filters for ultra efficient air cleaning
•  PPI 100 filter takes out large particles such as insects or leaves
•  F5 filter takes out all dust + sand
•  Nearly maintenance free

In combination with other DC Airco products

Any DC Airco product wich has a B at the end in the model name can be connected to the DC FC020 (free cooling unit). 

The controller can alternate the inside temperature of the shelter/cabin. 
-If the outside temperature is lower than the set point it will only run the DC FC020. 
-If the outside temperature is higher than the set point it will run the DC12500B

This high efficiency combination is ideal for hot days and colder nights. 
This setup is standard possible without any help from other equipment.


    • Cooling Capacity (delta T 10 C)
    • 6800 Watt / 23202 BTU
    • Cooling Capacity (delta T 5 C)
    • 3400 Watt / 11601 BTU
    • Airflow in the Shelter
    • 1175 CFM / 1998M3/h
    • Power Consumption Watt 100% duty cycle
    • 200 Watt
    • Power Consumption Watt 50% duty cycle
    • 100 Watt
    • Voltage VDC
    • 24 or 48
    • Max allowable temperature Celsius
    • No restiction
    • Outdoor /indoor noise
    • 48 dB(A)
    • Size outdoor unit mm
    • 500W x 750 H x 500 D
    • Refrigerant
    • None
    • Weight
    • 32 Kg

Downloads -

  • Free cooling 24V - 48V F020
  • DC Powered Air Conditioners Telecom brochure 2016
  • Energy saving cooling configurations for Telecom enclosures using DC Airco products

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    Environmentally friendly Air Conditioning

    • Low carbon footprint
    • Low energy use compared to CO2
    • Low operational cost
    • Factory pressure tested with Hydrogen (leak free)
    • Uses refrigerant gas with the minimal environmental impact

    Why our customers select DC Airco Air Conditioning Units for their professional applications:


    • >50% lower fuel/energy consumption
    • No startup peak-soft starting
    • No need of an expensive inverter to powered it.
    • DC unit keeps on cooling in case of power failure/engine off
    • Quality manufacturing since 1997 with extensive testing procedures
    • Easy mount, fully factory assembled charged and tested 
    • Low maintenance and low whole life cost
    • Stock and custom made units
    • Worldwide deliveries

    AC vs DC Air conditioner

    Quick return investment

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    Low power consumption

    Extremely low power consumption with high cooling output!!

    High ambient design

    Specially build for high ambient!

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