Electric vehicle cooling - Air-conditioning


Air-Conditioning - Cooling for batteries and people:

  • Driverless vehicles
  • Autonomous shuttles
  • Self-driving buses
  • Electric trucks

Designed and manufactured as:

  • Rooftop air conditioners (HVAC)
  • Split air conditioners (HVAC)
  • Chillers (cooling/heating)

To run a battery power source such as:

  • 24V
  • 48V
  • 230V
  • 400V
  • 750V
  • 850V



Unique technology

The DC Airco 37 cc rotary compressor is extremely efficient and powerful.
The Air Conditioner is specially designed to work with the compressor.
All DC Airco units have a soft start. No excessive startup currents.
This unique technology has been developed and tested in Europe.
DC Airco units are prefilled with R134a coolant which meets all ozone protection requirements.


  • High efficiency 400V powered Chillers for cooling battery of Electric Vehicles

    chiller,DRIVERLESS,self-driving,autonomous,shuttle,BUS,electric,vehicle,pod,locomotive,people mover,truck,battery,24v,48v,230v,400v,750V,850v

    High-efficiency 400V powered Chillers for cooling the battery/equipment of autonomous, self-driving, electric vehicles such as locomotives, trains, buses, people movers, trucks, PODs, defense, shuttle's Hybrid vehicles (HEV) (PHEV), Electric vehicles (EV) and Fuel cell vehicles (FCV)

    Our rugged high performance and low consumption chillers are available in 400V.  Designed to cool batteries of battery-powered vehicles under heavy duty conditions. Maintaining the battery temperature is mandatory to maximize its life spend and characteristics.



  • DC 25000 400V Roof mounted Air conditioner

    DC 25000 24v 400V roof Air conditioner,cooling,DRIVERLESS,self-driving,autonomous,shuttle,BUS,electric,vehilce,truck


    This rooftop mounted air conditioner available in 400V is designed for cooling down autonomous, driverless, self-driving shuttles, buses, electric vehicles, and trucks running in a high outdoor temperature up to 52 degrees Celsius. There are no expensive converters needed to run since it completely 400V.

    Air-Conditioning - Cooling for batteries and people:

    • Driverless vehicles
    • Autonomous shuttles
    • Self-driving buses
    • Electric trucks

    To run a battery power source such as:

    • 400V
    • 850V
  • Advanced air conditioner controller 24V - 48V


    The Programmable advanced controller in combination with the DCAirco premium controller will bring data, parameters, readings and full control l on display and with remote control through internet.


    The advanced controller is the ultimate combination with the premium controller.
    This panel is programmable for customer requirements. From simple to complex applications.

  • The benefits of DCAirco products

    DC Airco's products supplied in 12v 24v 48v 74v 110v 230v 400v DC AC operate trouble free in hard environments ranging from hot and dirty mining applications to hot and dusty deserts. These DC powered direct current air conditioners are robust and reliable, ideal for use on vibrating vehicles.

    Besides providing an comfortable, safe and healthy work environment for the operator, there are more benefits that our products offer: 

    Decrease stock of different HVAC spare parts
    This way, companies can reduce maintaining large stock of expensive air conditioning parts for every operating machine and vehicle, by using one type of unit. Our unit will fit on almost all movers, drills, cranes, waste trucks and forklifts. Start decreasing your stock of different spare parts and transport expenses.

    Minimise expensive down time
    Every air conditioner comes with a simple diagnostics interface for maintenance engineers to help support them with system health and possible error code information. This way it is easy and simple to help minimise down time when maintenance is needed

    If maintenance is unable to be carried outdue to safety concerns

    Just by disconnecting 2 power cables and 4 mounting bolts it is easy to swap one rooftop air conditioning unit with another one within 1 hour. So operators can resume their job quickly and will give engineers the time to complete checking and do repairs in the workshop without time pressure and in a safe environment.


  • Comparison AC vs DC Air conditioner



    DC Airco air conditioners:

    -Bigger Investment, but has a much shorter period of the return investment.
    -The seasonal energy efficiency ratio is extremely higher.
    -Maintaining its high efficiency in a high ambient .

    AC air conditioners:

    -Smaller Investment, but has a much longer period of the return investment.
    -The seasonal energy efficiency ratio is extremely lower.
    -Unable to maintain its high efficiency in a high ambient.


    Please find the full report in the download section of the product information page.


    Environmentally friendly Air Conditioning

    • Low carbon footprint
    • Low energy use compared to CO2
    • Low operational cost
    • Factory pressure tested with Hydrogen (leak free)
    • Uses refrigerant gas with the minimal environmental impact

    Why our customers select DC Airco Air Conditioning Units for their professional applications:


    • >50% lower fuel/energy consumption
    • No startup peak-soft starting
    • No need of an expensive inverter to powered it.
    • DC unit keeps on cooling in case of power failure/engine off
    • Quality manufacturing since 1997 with extensive testing procedures
    • Easy mount, fully factory assembled charged and tested 
    • Low maintenance and low whole life cost
    • Stock and custom made units
    • Worldwide deliveries

    AC vs DC Air conditioner

    Quick return investment

    Follow this link for more information


    Low power consumption

    Extremely low power consumption with high cooling output!!

    High ambient design

    Specially build for high ambient!

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